Published in on 24/Nov/2015

First ecotoxicology paper published

Our first paper on our new interest of ecotoxicology has been accepted in PLoS One. A highly polymorphic (in terms of DNA sequence) species, rainbowfish (Melanotaenia fluviatilis) was not the easiest species to work with (hence we refer to circa 44,000 transcripts rather than genes). It certainly needs a new genome project but in the meantime we manually curated the nuclear receptors and steroidogenic enzymes. A figure from the paper: Phylogenet [Learn more]
Published in on 17/Aug/2015

New CRC-funded project started

The CRC for Plant Biosecurity has funded us to explore how fruit flies respond to environmental stresses delivered at lethal doses. The grant is managed by Wei Xu (Murdoch Uni) via a grant conceived and written by Alexie. It's only been less than a month but Kay, being ever efficient, has already started spearheading pilot experiments using heat and cold stresses. As part of the Science Exchange of our funding body (Plant Biosecurity CRC), we met [Learn more]